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 like shemale cams chats and the interaction you can have with someone who really appears to enjoy what it is they do. Scratch that,to say that is possibly wrong as I firmly believe that the live  of the internet adult cams sites I frequent actually do love their job. I do think I am a astute judge of character and I do not think the tranny cam models are faking it at all. They are always laughing and talkative and would in all probability start a conversation in a derelict building! There’s never a dull moment or an awkward silence with any of the shemale cams hosts and they’ll be chatting about your experiences,their experiences,what you have been doing and what they have been doing and what have you. I never ever feel that they are clock watching and trying to work out in their head how much money they’ll get from my shemale cams chat session. Unlike your so called “normal” adult cam cam girls of the more “normal” section who would as well to have a calculator with them while chatting to you,the shemale cams  will always be rabbiting nineteen to the dozen and couldn’t have time to work it out even if they wanted to. I firmly also think that these shemale cams hosts do not do this work for the money. I think they’d do it for the love of meeting new people and talking about most things,nothing and anything with shemale cams lovers like you and me and they enjoy being in the company of someone who likes them for who they are and what they represent.

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